April 12, 2012

Forever Plaid? Try Forever Allenberry - 64 years of great performances!

I attended the opening night of Allenberry's 64th Playhouse season last night.  I was wined, dined and entertained from start to finish; the evening was truly fabulous! The festivities started with the performance of Forever Plaid - an interesting take on 50's music.  I don't want to ruin any surprises, but be prepared for soaring melodies, classic choreography and a bizarre variety of props that will have you chuckling throughout.  My favorite song of the evening was the feel-good love song Heart and Soul - I'm such a softie!

Next, we moved over to the dining hall for an Allenberry feast.  The standard buffet has had an upgrade, and I was able to sample some of the new offerings including sushi, pulled pork sliders, spanakopita and a chocolate fountain.  A brave soul at my table even sampled frog legs; he said they taste like chicken.  Don't worry, Allenberry's famous sticky buns are still on the menu.

We were having such a good time that some of us took the party downstairs to The Breeches Bar and Grille where we mingled with members of the Heinze family, actors from the performance and guests staying overnight at Allenberry.  The bar area is intimate, so you get to know the people you sit near and the friendly bartenders (I had Luke and Charles - both were excellent!).

Although last night's festivities were for the opening of the new season, you can expect similar indulgences when booking a dinner theatre package.  Forever Plaid runs through May 6, so be sure to get your tickets now!

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