January 16, 2012

Pizza Pizza!

One of the exciting parts about moving to Carlisle this spring is the large variety of restaurants that are now available to me. I really love pizza (seriously though, who doesn't?) so the fact that there are about a dozen pizza shops within ten miles of where I live is particularly exciting. Here is what I've learned about some of the local parlors:
Marcello's has my favorite Hawaiian pizza, Al's has big portions (Just look at the picture - that's two slices! They basically just handed me half of a pizza!), Miseno's has an awesome menu and The Pizza Grille has an upscale twist on classic pizza.

All of the popular chains are here too, but I'm so content with locally owned pizza parlors that I don't really order from the chains anymore.

Are there any great pizza places I missed?


  1. I've not been there yet...what would you suggest? Do they have a signature item?

  2. I've been wanting to go there for weeks! I drive by Als all the time when I'm in Carlisle and I have never stopped in. Was the pizza good?

  3. Yes! You have to try Al's of Hampden in Enola! They have amazing pizza, all of their food is great! They also have the largest selection of beer I've ever seen. You can mix six packs or buy a growler of one of the 24 beers on tap.