August 27, 2015

Found It Top Ten: September 2015

September may signal the end of summer, but there's still so much fun to be had at events and festivals around the Cumberland Valley this fall! See our Top 10 ahead.

Mother-Son Night Out in the Cumberland Valley

A mother and son evening isn’t always the easiest thing to plan, but if laughter is included it’s a sure sell for this mom. I recently pulled together a night out in Cumberland Valley with my almost teenage son, filled with food and fun.

We kicked off the evening with dinner at Pizza Grille, Carlisle, a suggestion by mom and a quick yes by the son. We ordered specialty pizza’s of course, it’s what they do, one Mexican and one Traditional.  As mother and son go, we’re a bit opposite in personality type and he’s not the adventurous one, so you can guess who ordered which pizza. Upon finishing our pizzas we headed to Shippensburg for a show at the H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center.  We had some extra time so we stopped for a quick sweet treat at Cabin on King. A cute new Ice Cream choice to Shippensburg, but could be missed due to its “cool” location nestled in a small nook surrounded by a 10+ foot natural rock wall. Definitely a neat feature for my son to talk about as we enjoyed a mango fruit smoothie and a single scoop of coconut almond ice cream. We would have enjoyed some extra enjoying our treat, but we had to keep it short because we couldn’t be late for the show. 

We finally reached our final stop and my son was so excited to be back at the H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center. He’s been attending performances here since he was six, but this time is really special since he’s seeing his favorite comedian Kevin James. What a great evening in Cumberland Valley and as my son would say, the evening was “so cool and one of the best ever."  I look forward to the next one.


August 26, 2015

Dickinson Perspectives: Top 10 Things Dickinson Students Should Know

As throngs of Dickinson students make their annual voyage back to the land of Adirondack chairs, and incoming first years step foot onto campus for the first time, Carlisle is thriving with life. Back-to-school vibes can be felt throughout the streets as parents take their students out for the “last meal” before they depart, and rented minivans appear near all of the first-year dormitories. Upperclassmen residential advisers and athletes meet new families and carry the new students’ belongings to their new homes, this age-old tradition, however, does not continue throughout the following three years.

Friends who have been on yearlong adventures for their study abroad experiences recount their stories, professors who have been researching and completing scholarship welcome students back into the classroom, and administrators are busy planning student activities for the year. As the College comes to life once more, students venture around the limestone walls and throughout town to see what has changed and to be reassured of what has stayed the same.

August 25, 2015

Dickinson Perspectives: History of the 'Oldest College in the United States'

In the heart of central Pennsylvania, in the middle of the colonial town of Carlisle, sits the oldest college in the United States. Technically. If you speak to any Dickinson student, go on a tour of the campus or sit in on one of the Admissions’ houses information sessions you will be sure to hear the fact that Dickinson is the oldest college in the actual United States after being chartered in 1783, six days after the American Revolution ended. The college founder, Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, doctor in Philadelphia, and now immortalized with a statue on the Academic Quad at Dickinson, and his ideals have gone with the college since the gates opened after the Revolution. 

August 21, 2015

Unwind at 30 Timber Road

I recently spent a beautiful Cumberland Valley summer afternoon talking with seasoned innkeepers Dee Fegan and Chuck DeMarco about their new home. It’s been two years of renovations and planning and they are open for business. Dee and Chuck recently rightsized from their former larger inn, which they opened up to thousands of guests, horses and special events for over 19 years. 30 Timber Road is a well-appointed 3 bedroom, ensuite Williamsburg style home situated on 14 private wooded acres that enjoys the sunrise, the stars, the wildlife and the best greeter puppy, Nate. Nate takes his innkeeping duties seriously, he is well-trained, sweet and only interested in your comfort and happiness. Dee and Chuck picked the best rescue puppy and he along with his two outdoor kitty assistants are sure to keep the wildlife around the house in check.